6/28/17 Fishing Report

Flows: 9,000 cfs

Water Temp:  60.5

It seems as though the peak of runoff season is behind us! Flows have come down from 14,000 to 9,000 making the fishing, especially wading, a bit more manageable. Nymphing has still been the top producer, and it still takes a couple of 3/o’s with a long leader to make it effective. The dry fly fishing has picked up tremendously with the arrival of the black caddis! Running a hopper pattern with a black caddis two feet behind in the evening has been great. Streamer fishing has still been solid, brown being the color of choice recently. Be sure to hit the banks and get the bugs moving right away.

So far this season, we have seen a whole different Bighorn River in a sense. The streamer fishing has been lights out for months, and the caddis are here early, along with a few other bugs…we’ll talk about them as soon as they really take off. It is a great time to be on the Bighorn, or schedule a trip for the upcoming weeks!

With the black caddis coming off, we are offering evening guide trips beginning in the early afternoon and wrapping up at dusk. This is a great opportunity to get into the thick of the hatch and throw dries!



Wire Worm #6

SH Sowbugs #16-18

SH Ray Charles #16-18

Caddis Borealis #16-18

Bighorn Caddis Emerger #16-18


Doc’s Articulator #6 (Brown)

Sex Dungeon #4 (Black)

JJ Special #6

Skully Bugger #6 (Brown and Yellow)



Hemmingway Caddis #16-18

CDC Black Angel #16

Rip Cord Caddis #16-18

Hoppers #8-12

Ants #12- 16