As the Carp Tournament Approaches

Alright folks. The Big Lips Carp Tournament is Just over 2 weeks away. Make sure to register your team a the following link! The Alliance has some awesome sponsors and gift giveaways for participants as well a band for the evening event!

The boys have been training tirelessly, fine tuning their casts to be sure they are at peak performance come game time. Sure they’ve been fishing leading up to the tournament, but what they believe is going to put them over the top is the efforts they’ve put in off the water.

Here we have Tyler studying the feeding habits of the fly shop goldfish. Tyler is hoping this study will pay dividends once he is casting to the big goldfish on the reservoir.



Ian desperately wanted to simulate a crowd gathered to watch him in the cast-off, but unfortunately all he could find was Ronnie. Ian is trying to conquer his fear of casting in front of a crowd before the tournament begins.



This photo shows Ian spotting make-believe fish on the front lawn for Tyler to cast to. Some may say this is a little nuts, but we say this is commitment to the trade.



The final photo I have for you is Tyler working on his strip set, at the expense of Brady’s mouth.


We are expecting big things from the CWC team in this year’s tournament. With only 2 weeks left to train, the boys have their backs against the wall and are ready to lay it on the line for a trophy.