Early Summer Fishing Report


Fourth of July Fishing Report

Flows: 11,500 CFS and dropping to 10K on 7/5

Temperature: 60

Happy Independence Day! Things are starting to shape up in the valley. Flows are steadily decreasing and more wade spots are becoming available daily. Flows are dropping sooner than we thought, but we’re not complaining. Inflows are around 9,600 CFS, outflows are expected to continue dropping. Black Caddis are starting to show up and fish are eating up top just before dark. Nymph fishing is still king. Streamer fishing has not been too bad. Traffic around town is still minimal, so get here before the big summer rush comes.

Nymphing: We’re still running long leaders and a lot of weight, mending is key. 9ft leaders to at least 1 3/0 split shot. Water temperatures are high for this time of year so the fish have moved into the fast riffle water. Sow bugs and worms are still the main diet of the trout with the occasional caddis pupa eat. MEND!!

Streamers: Early mornings and late evenings have been the most productive in terms of chases and eats. When the skies are cloudy fish are committing to bugs more often than on sunny days.  Yellow and brown, olive, and black are the top colors, a tandem rig with a #4-6 pattern and a smaller bugger have been the most consistent. Old banks that used to be too swift are now holding fish. We also have a ton of new streamer patterns in the shop, come check them out!

Dries: We’re almost there! Black Caddis are out fluttering around. Your best shot at dry eaters is about the last hour and a half of light. Fish are looking up here and there, but if you look close, you will find them. Give ‘em a try, this is the first dry fly fishing we’ve had in a long time and it’s only going to get better.

Nymphs: Soft hackle Ray Charles, Firebead sows bugs, San Juan Worms, Ninch’s Fish Finder.

Streamers: Skully Buggers, Galloup’s Flatliner, Ice Pick.

Dries: CDC Black Angel, Hi-Vis Ant, Elk Hair Caddis (black)