Fishing Report 7/20/17

Fishing Report 7/20/17

Water Temp: 66.5

Flows: 9,500 CFS

Fishing continues to be solid on the Bighorn despite abnormally high flows for this time of year. The story continues to be Tricos in the early mornings and Black Caddis in the evenings. Fish are looking up at terrestrials occasionally throughout the day as well.  Though we’ve had temperatures in the mid 90’s, Nymphing and streamer fishing during the day has still produced fish. Fishing the deep runs with clean gravel has paid off when nymphing during the heat of the day. The streamer bite has slowed down a bit, though fishing the quicker water has been the best option.  Inflows to the Bighorn reservoir are less than the outflows, meaning we should see declining flows in the very near future.



Zebra Midge #18-20

SH Sowbugs #16-20

Caddis Borealis #18-20

Psuedo Quill #20-22

Poodle Sniffer #16-18



CDC Trico #18-20

Don King Trico #18-20

Mahogany Dun #16

Rip Cord Caddis #16-18

Hemmingway Caddis #16-18

CDC Black Angel #16-20



Doc’s Articulator #6

JJ Special #4-6

Skully Bugger #6