Fishing Report 7/9/17

Fishing Report 7/6/17

Flows: 9,500

Water temp: 63


Dry fly fishing is here! We have seen the arrival of both tricos and black caddis.  If you are a morning person, it definitely pays to get on the water early and await the trico hatch. Typically the thick of the trico hatch begins at sunrise and ends around 9 a.m. If you’d rather sleep in, getting a late afternoon start has been a solid option as the black caddis hatch in the evenings.  Getting a wading spot and throwing dries until you can’t see them anymore has been nothing short of a blast. Fishing in the middle of the day has been a bit slower as we are getting temperatures up into the mid 90’s, though the fish are still there. Target the faster water during the heat of the day and be sure to add plenty of weight to your nymph rig. Swinging streamers has still produced fish as well. Smaller bugs (6-8) have been the ticket as of late on a medium-fast strip.


Don’t forget, Bighorn River Days is just a week away! With the “Big Lips” carp tournament on Bighorn Lake and banquet on the evening of the 14th, you won’t want to miss it!




CDC Black Angel #16-18

Hemmingway Caddis #14-16

Parachute Ant #14

Don King Trico #18-20

CDC Trico #18-22

Mahogany Dun #14-16



Matt’s Auto Caddis #16-18

Fuzzy Face #16-18

FB Sowbug #16-18

Tyler throwing dries while an evening storm moves in.

Wire Worm #6

Green Mo #18-20


Doc’s Articulator #6

Sex Dungeon #4

JJ Special #6

Bighorn Bugger #4-6