Guide’s Day Off

Guide’s Day Off

What happens when you get a boat full of guys who guide on the same river? Do they catch a ridiculous amount of fish? Do they just drink beer and talk smack? Do they experiment with flies they’ve tied? Do they ever not catch fish? Do they harass and joke with the other guides about their fishing techniques?

All of the above…


The thing about guides having a day off is that we just get to go out and enjoy the day. Yeah sure we’ll fish hard and scout out some new water for clients. Sometimes. But more than anything we’re just out to enjoy the day. That’s why we guide, we enjoy being on the water and we enjoy watching others fish As you get older and you’ve caught your fair share of fish, it no longer becomes all about catching fish. It’s more of having a good time and getting away from the world for a while.

We prefer dry flies.

Next to that we prefer streamers.

If we can’t get it done on those, it’s time for a beer.

If a beer doesn’t fix the fishing… we go to plan C

ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO: Break out the bobbers. Just to put a bend in the rod.

Don’t get me wrong. Nymphing is great, it’s productive. But after guiding several days and looking at bobbers all day; the last thing we want to do is nymph.

Especially when there is fish in the river like the one below… hungry ones that want a streamer, not a sow bug.

A guide’s day off is not all about fishing, we also have to get groceries for making lunches for the next few trips. We have to tie more bugs because we lose a lot of bugs. Do we squeeze a nap into our day off?


Want to experience a guide’s day off? We’ll float you down the river, no problem.

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Until next time, Oar Rights out.