Is this fly shop employee trustworthy?

Alright folks. We are going to tackle an age-old question today that undoubtedly goes through any fisherman’s head when they enter a fly shop for the first time. That question is; is this fly shop employee trustworthy? Now, we aren’t asking “is this guy going to take my wallet while I’m not looking?” or anything along those lines, but more like “Does this guy even know what a trico looks like?” or “Is this guy going to try to sell me a black caddis in January?”. Here we are going to break down all 4 of our fly shop employees to find out if they are indeed the ones that you want selling you a cup of scuds.




The absolute first thing you will notice once meeting Ronnie is his accent. Hailing from Mississippi, Ronnie left arguably the greatest waterfowl flyway to come be a trout bum. Hard not to love that.


Ronnie only owns two pairs of shoes; Chacos and cowboy boots. This just proves that Ronnie isn’t lacing up his loafers and hitting the town on a Friday night chasing the night life, but is more likely cooking some wild game and searching the bottom of a cooler for a cold one.



Look at the waterfall dumping out the back of Ian’s hat. That’s one glorious mullet. With hair like that, there is no way Ian is out chasing women in the big city, but is more likely chasing brown trout with a mouse pattern. Best mullet in Fort Smith.


Here we see a substantial lack in facial hair. Some would find this a bit worrying, but stay with me. Even though Ian struggles to grow any hair on his face, he will wear that dirty little ‘stache with pride, and that’s something we can all support.



Alright, here’s where things get a little sketchy. Notice the flat-brim hat and the high-top Jordans, as if he just finished a pickup game at the local YMCA.

Tyler insists on wearing a buff and solar gloves indoors at all times. We once found him wearing strip-guards while grilling. Is this commitment to the game, or just a guy completely overdoing it? We’ll let you make that call.


First of all, Brady has 3 fly shop dogs. Some have said that he uses the dogs to distract the smarter customers to sell them the flies that have been collecting dust. Also, just look at the sleeves of tattoos. You can’t trust a guy with tattoos, can you?

Brady will try to sell you nothing but Galloup streamers and Maxima. He claims if you’re not pulling a streamer your just not doing it right. Also a little suspect, Brady constantly has at least 4 coffee cups behind the counter in the fly shop. Who needs that many coffee cups?



We’ll let you make the call from here. You now know their tricks, so be sure to quiz them the next time you’re restocking your tippet here at Cottonwood Camp.


Brady Hefner