Mid August Fishing Report

Mid-August Fishing Report

Water Temperature: 64 F

Flows: 3000 CFS


The ‘Horn is becoming more constant every day. The Trico hatch has the fish up from sun up until about 11. The strength of the hatch is dependent upon the weather for that day. Cloudy days see the hatch starting later and lasting longer (8- Noon). Sunny days have the hatch starting early and ending early. (7:30-10:30). The river traffic has been pretty light. Weekends can be pretty crowded, but mid-week is fairly empty.

Nymphing: Nymphing is getting better. Fish are eating sow bugs, scuds, sunken tricos, and pseudos. Our standard set up is about 6 feet of leader with 1 BB split shot. Targeting the clean gravel runs is the key right now. Grass is becoming an issue, keeping your flies clean is a must.

Dry flies:  It’s as good as it gets! The best hatch of the year is here in full force. Fish are podding up and eating Trico duns and spinners. Guides are getting out early to get a prime spot. Starting before the sun comes up has been normal. With so many bugs on the water it’s key to put the flies on their nose. Fish will not slide several feet to eat your bug when there are tons of other bugs on the water. PUT IT ON THEIR NOSE! There are some pseudos hatching throughout the day and into late evening.

Streamers: Depending on the weather, streamer fishing has been good. Cloudy days are better. Yellow and brown, olive, and black are the best colors. Move your bugs quick! Middle of the river, pound the banks, fish the gravel bars…All good options this time of year.

Rumor has it there have been some fish eating hoppers. Get out there and give it a try! Good times here at Cottonwood Camp. Come join the fun. Call the shop if you have questions or want to come and fish with us! 406-666-2391. Oar Rights out.