Mid-May Fishing Report

Fishing Report Mid-May

Flows: 3500 CFS

Water Temp: We’ll say 40 … But still, it’s cold.


Not a lot has changed here on the ‘Horn. The flows have been stable for several weeks now. Same goes for the water temp. Will the flows and temp increase? Temp? Yes for sure. Flows? Maybe. We’ve had quite the cold snap here in the big city of Fort Smith. Rain and some snow in the hills have kept the water temperature from any significant movements. Who cares about the water temperature though? The fish do, that’s who. And that’s why you should care.


Fish are still in select areas still. Big, deep, slow. We’re still using 9 foot leaders with a 3/0 split shot. Flies of choice have been the regular springtime menu. Sow bugs, scuds, midges, and baetis nymphs. Nymph fishing has been pretty slow. The fish aren’t moving very far for bugs. Don’t get discouraged, they’re out there and they have to eat.


There has been some pretty darn good dry fly action on the cloudy days. A mix of midges and blue wing olives have the fish up and slurping. With the clear water, they can be a little tricky right now. Using sparse CDC flies and 5X will help.


Streamer fishing has been tough. The fish are sluggish and aren’t hunting the big bugs yet. Might be worth trying though. Prove us wrong.


Give the shop a call and have one of our guides show you where the fish are. 406-666-2391