What tunes are playing in the fly shop?

It is incredibly apparent that every single fly shop on earth has its own “vibe”. High end, vulgar, free-spirited, care free; the list goes on and on. More times than not, the feeling you get when walking through the front door of a shop will decide whether you’ll be back or not.  Typically, at least for myself, it is easy to tell what the vibe is like just by hearing what type of music the desk-jockey has ringing. We are fortunate enough here at Cottonwood to have 4 fly shop regulars, offering up some very different genres thus changing the atmosphere in the shop on a daily basis. So until you can stop into our shop, here is a taste of what you may be hearing while loading up on sowbugs and setting up your shuttle.



Tyler’s Pick:



Ian’s Pick:



Ronnie’s Pick:


Brady’s Pick:


Brady Hefner